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Past Updates

UPDATE (December 13th, 2001) ~ AngePatomon

Sorry there have been no updates for a while, but because of my internet provider changing locations, our connection has been cutting out a lot lately. Grr. Hopefully I can still get the Christmas theme up soon. But I can't right now because it's not done. Nothing else new though. Bye! And hopefully not for good...

UPDATE (December 07th, 2001) ~ AngePatomon

I'll give some of the card information here. Shurimon still digivolves from Hawkmon with the Sincerity DigiEgg, Opossumon can now digivolve from Salamon with the Kindness DigiEgg, and Depthmon can digivolve from Monodramon with the Reliability DigiEgg. One question though... who the hey is Monodramon?! There's not even a card of him released! Wierd. A new eppy of Digimon is on tomorrow, that will involve a whole new world... a thrilling chase, a wondrous place, for you and me. Heh.

UPDATE (December 06th, 2001) ~ AngePatomon

So you know, the cards released in Booster Series 13 are Opossumon, Depthmon, and Shurimon. When I get what I'm doing done, you'll see the information. What am I doing? Oh... maybe something that has to do with display rearranging... adding displays... and causing a little "indoor weather" around the place... heehee.

UPDATE (December 05th, 2001) ~ AngePatomon

Booster 13 is out in Japan! But I haven't gotten a chance to look at them. I've decided that I'm not updating the individual pages because I'm changing the way they look, just a bit. Yeah. NEways, December has got to be the busiest month for me, because of choir concert rehearsals, stuff with family and friends, and listening to Japanese Digimon music I just downloaded! If any of you have some sort of music downloading program (Aimster, Morpheus, etc), search for "Ashita Wa Atashi No Kaze Ga Fuku" and "Itsumo Itsudemo." Those are the two ending themes in Japan, and I think they're great. Well that's my shpiel... good night! Oh, and click the link for one more spoiler, and you probably know what it's gonna be.

Terriermon discovered...

UPDATE (December 03rd, 2001) ~ Kaelia (Kari)

Hey guys! Wow it's been a while since I updated... homework and general laziness got in the way, I guess ^_^ These past few days I've been rediscovering SNES, and it's been a happy experience all along -until today, when I realized that we had a map test over Europe, and I didn't study for it. Hopefully my other good good grades in that class will cover up the F-ish grade I think I will receive, and I will be able to stay online... hopefully... I've also been missing a lot of Digimon lately, but I'll get caught up! I SWEAR IT!

I've also heard some rather bad news from Takato. Fox may be dropping Fox Kids and Fox Family, and that means... *GASP* No more Digimon in America?!? Also, no other channels have picked it up yet. We can cross our fingers and hope that Cartoon Network picks it up, but unfortunately, that's about all we can do...

Guilmon discovered...

UPDATE (December 03rd, 2001) ~ AngePatomon

Happy Birthday to my Sissy! She turned 25 today! Yay! Ow... migrane headaches are no fun... NEhoo, not only is Booster Series 13 supposed to come out soon, but now there's gonna be a new Ultimate Starter, so this gives two opportunities to get some new displays for the Digimon. I also hope you saw Saturday's Episode, because this next episode marks the turning point in the series! Here's a screenshot from the next episode, and it looks like Digimon aren't so secret anymore...

Renamon discovered...

UPDATE (November 29th, 2001) ~ AngePatomon

Still waiting for Booster Series 13 to come out in Japan. That way I can update some of the Digimon pages... that is, if they have any cards of Armored Digimon. In other news, I've had one E-Mail from someone saying thanks for the spoiler picture. So I've decided to put up one more for this Saturday's Eppy. Also, with the Winter Holidays coming (Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa...), except things to be a bit more... wintery around here... heehee

Now doesn't this look familiar...

UPDATE (November 26th, 2001) ~ AngePatomon

Sigh... I go back to school tomorrow. I don't mind though, I get to see all my friends again. 5 days at home with almost nothing to do... yeah. Nehoo, I've put a link below to a Spoiler picture of Episode 23 which will be on this coming Saturday. What exactly is it spoiling? The 4th Tamer's identity, that's what! Click if you really REALLY want to see who becomes the next Tamer. In other news, Series 13 of the Booster Cards is coming out in Japan soon, which means that there *should* be new cards of the Armor Digimon! So expect a real update when they're released!

The 4th Tamer...

UPDATE (November 24th, 2001) ~ AngePatomon

So it was on at 9 AM Western time. Oh well, still got to see the new Episode. Wasn't it great? It gets even better as the series moves along! Oh, and the Saga of the Devas will be continuing for quite some time, but as for battling the Devas on Earth... you'll just have to wait and see! Speaking of waiting, you'll have to wait to see who the new Tamer will be... although it is somewhat obvious. Oh well, wait and see!

Pages Updated - Um... none.

UPDATE (November 23rd, 2001) ~ AngePatomon

Day Two of the new site... and Day One of the new Message Board! That's right, and new MB to go with the new site! And also something I should say, since this site's info is based on the Card Game, the pages usually won't be updated until new cards or info is released. Don't worry, there's still plenty of stuff to update on. Tomorrow morning's episode of Digimon will be on at 9 AM Eastern, 8 AM Western (I think). Wahhey!

Pages Updated - Message Board

RE-OPENING (November 22nd, 2001) ~ AngePatomon (Takeru)

After much thought, I've decided to change *The Universal DigiPort* into... *The DigiArmor Museum* which is what you see now! HAPPY THANKSGIVING! And to give thanks for those people that actually come, I've opened up the new site! There might be bugs in the site and I might need to change some things, but it's open! Kari (now Kaelia) is now the only other staff member again. We've lost the others to the doom of homework and school! So enjoy the newness! The Elevator is to your left, and every department is open!

Pages Updated - Everything!

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